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Unlock Those Telephone Company Handcuffs



“Smaller firms/SOHOs are tending to go with an all-IP solution, which makes sense since they don't have the big investment/multiple offices headaches to deal with”. February 18, 2009 | By Doug Mohney | Fierce VoIP

Save your small business from $2500 to $10,000 by using an all-IP, Hosted VoIP system. Get the added security and reliability of a system in a tier-one Data Center with multiple fiber connections to the Internet and generator backed power.

Full Auto-Attendant - Answers your calls, and gives your caller transfer options.
Multiple simultaneous calls - No need for separate "trunks".
One number for life - Rings to multiple phones at the same time.
Music-on-hold - Use your own MP3 or WAV music for your callers on-hold
Unified Messaging - Forwards voice-mail and faxes (as PDFs) to your email.
Online Account Management with complete Call Detail Reports
Voice Mail -
Will respond to and record messages from 10 callers at the same time.
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Call Forwarding - Find-me/Follow-me
Enhanced 911 Emergency Service Calling -
Frequent updates to Public Safety Access Points
411 Information Services at 65˘ per minute.
3 way calling
Unlimited Calling in US & Canada
Huge inventory of US DIDs (Phone Numbers) to choose from.