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Unlock Those Telephone Company Handcuffs




More Than Placing Calls on the Internet,
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a whole lot more than just using the Internet to circumvent Long Distance charges.

VoIP allows a business to converge voice services with its data network. VoIP utilizes the packet switching and routing technology used on IP Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) to send voice calls. Now voice traffic can run on your business' data network, right along with your information system, email and web access. Managing voice and data systems can be done by one department. 

If you currently use analog phones, a low cost Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is all you need to connect. Some level of Internet access above dial-up, usually referred to as Broadband, will get you calling on the IP network. Binary Telecom's IP network has redundant gateways to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), serving all of the US and Canada. International calling is available at very low rates as well.

How do you configure an ATA, an IP phone, an IP PBX, or a Softphone?

Configs for Microsoft Response Point SIP Service
Cisco 7940, 7941, 7960, 7961
GrandStream and Linksys ATAs
Aastra Pro 160 Configs
For X-Light softphone, Screen Shots
Asterisk IP PBX Instructions

Advanced NAT Settings

What routers/firewalls will work best with service to Binary Telecom?
Some IP PBXs will reset router/firewall ports frequently. With so many products on the market, we may need to personally help you with your router/firewall set up. Please call if you experience audio-stream issues or inbound call routing issues. Call us at 800.594.3670 Tutorial on VoIP and Network Firewalls - PDF .

We know the use of these router/firewalls will accommodate the dynamically changing ports for SIP service:
Linksys 54G, 54GL
Sonicwall, all versions For users of SonicWall Firewalls, please use these settings
Netscreen/Juniper all versions,
Airlink 101 EVDO

We know that these routers will NOT easily accommodate SIP traffic:
D-Link DI 624
D-Link DIR 615
Netgear - any version
Linksys - any BEF series
Netopia - any version

Binary Telecom will NOT lock you out of your device by changing and withholding the password.

Is Binary Telecom service anything like Vonage or Skype?
All three of our companies use the Internet Protocol to carry all or a portion of their calls. This allows us to reduce costs by as much as 50%. Binary Telecom's focus will be on business users with residential service also available.

Must a Binary Telecom customer have a computer?
In all likelihood a computer is there because an always-on connection to the Internet is necessary.

What Protocols and Codecs does Binary Telecom use?
Our server/switch supports G711 and G729 codecs. We run on SIP protocol, and support T-38 for faxing.

What is the billing increment for origination and termination?
Binary Telecom bills in 6 second increments.

Will we be listed with Directory Assistance?
You can control what is listed with an online registration system we have had good experiences with; and it is free. Our vendors charge for it, and we must pass that on, so go to and save money again with VoIP

Can I get a number from another area code?
This is a very good idea for setting up a virtual office location. If you want to receive local calls from customers in an additional location, we can provide a number that rings as a local call to you in your present business office. So if you are in Los Angeles and you want customers in New York to call you on a New York number, we can set that up for you.

How does a business use VoIP if it has already invested in a PBX to manage its calls?
A Gateway device can be added to bridge the analog-to-digital voice signaling. Binary Telecom works with several providers who can assist with the installation of a suitable Gateway. They include InfoArch, Inc and these service companies. The PBX Connect line of products is specifically designed for these customers. New Windows-based, and open-source software can bridge voice and data systems into one. If your PBX is a newer one, and already VoIP enabled, you may be able to use Binary Telecom service with your current system.

Is this service restricted to customers on the Internet, or can a call go through to any phone number?
Your calls will go through to people and businesses with numbers on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as well as to those using VoIP. Unlimited calls can be made anywhere in the US and Canada.

Is a Binary Telecom customer locked into a long term agreement?
Service from Binary Telecom is month-to-month. If you or your company are not satisfied, there will be no Early Termination Penalty fee. And very importantly, we do not lock you out of your Analog Telephone Adapter, or keep the password from you. You can then use it with other providers.

Can a Binary Telecom customer keep the same phone number?
Binary Telecom will handle the "porting" of your number with an LOA and a copy of your most recent phone bill.

Does Binary telecom offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?
An SLA should be written to assure the best effort of a vendor by enforcing severe penalties against it for failure to meet minimum standards. An SLA that is proportionate to the down-time is meaningless, so Binary Telecom will credit its customers with a half of the month's charges for down-time caused by failure of it's  server/switch that exceeds three hours in any month. VoIP has some inherent risks with interruptions of bandwidth and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), like routers and ATAs, so naturally this is not covered. You should have confidence in our server/switch, and we back it up.