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Configuring a Grandstream ATA
Includes HT 286, 386, 486, 496, 502, 503

The Grandstream Phone Adapter enables telephone service through a cable or DSL Internet connection. Plug it from the WAN port into your Router and use the telephone jack to connect a standard analog phone.

Step 1
You must first determine what IP address was assigned to it by your router. Pick up the phone. You may, or may not have a dial-tone.
Dial: ***** (five asterisks)
A voice response will say the IP address assigned by your router to the ATA (e.g. 192.168.xxx.xxx).
If you are connected from a modem straight into your computer with no router, it will need to be plugged into the LAN port of the Grandstream, and connected to the Ethernet connection of your computer. You can then use the default IP address  <> to configure the ATA.

Go to the browser on your computer (on the same network) and enter the address:

Step 3
Type <admin> in the Password box

Step 4
SIP Server and Proxy: sip.hostedvoiptelecom.com
SIP User ID: your new number from Binary Telecom, in 11 digits, with no punctuation. <12345678901>
Authenticate ID: the same 11 digit number
Authenticate password: enter password assigned when you signed up for service (will show blank after it is saved)
Name: Business or individual name to show on Caller ID
Repeat these steps for a second FXS port if needed.

Step 5
Scroll to the bottom and choose <update>
Then choose <reboot>

Step 6
Make calls when light on top of ATA stops flashing (there are two sequences of flashes)