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Unlock Those Telephone Company Handcuffs

Binary Telecom is providing Hosted VoIP service on a server/switch that has been operational for five years. This server/switch is now reliably originating and terminating hundreds of thousands of calls per day.  It's located in a tier-one data center with multiple fiber connections to the Internet and to our Gateway Providers. All servers are redundant, on a GigE network, with generator backup, and full environmental controls.

Binary Telecom is managed by President, Tim Jackson, and is a privately owned and operated company.  Jackson has twelve years experience in sales management with IP networking, Internet, and Telecom. He held Vice President level positions at American Express company where for 20 years he won regular annual recognition as a top performer.

Binary Telecom management has learned that successful implementation of VoIP phone service should be hands-on, so we have chosen to focus on providing very personal service  to business customers. Binary Telecom serves businesses with a single phone line, and call-centers with hundreds.